Hi there! This is turning out to be challenge nation over here haha. A challenge for everyone!

My wonderfully creative buddy Dee (Decade Thirty) and I teamed up to bring you a brand new fun challenge we're excited to host for you this month! We've been brainstorming for months trying to figure out a challenge that combines our love of sketching and listing and the Illustrated Lists was the result! Below is the challenge that I made the challenge printable with examples of what you can list out with illustrations. The idea is to create an illustrated list beginning with the letter of the alphabet each day and the last 3 prompts for good measure.

We were inspired by the recent trend in creative illustrated lists like these:

My #BookstoRead layout is coming along nicely in my #bulletjournal ! 😍

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How do you remember everyone's birthdays??? 😘

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Dee and I teamed up to bring you a challenge to create more of these positively wonderful and inspiring 

illustrated lists!


(Click on the photo and print it out if you'd like!)

How to join:

  • Each day post a photo on Instagram with an Illustrated List you've created. Each day you will have the opportunity to create a list beginning with the letter of the alphabet (except the last 3). For example, day 2 is B, one list you could make is 'books to read' or 'blogs you follow.' Draw, doodle, or sketch a list!
  • Add the hashtag #illustratedlists so we can all be inspired by your wonderful creations!
  • Follow Dee (@DecadeThirty) and I (@TinyRayofSunshine).
  • Check in on the challenge (#illustratedlists) from time to time to see the creativity others bring to the table!
  • If you missed a day, it's okay! Keep going, the fun is in creating something out of fun :) The idea is to get more of these creative ideas out there, and we'd love you to join in and unleash your creativity!

We hope you'll join us for the challenge :)

Check out Dee's article: Introducing the #IllustratedLists Challenge

If you’re looking for inspiration for the letters, some ideas are:

  • A: Animals
  • B: Books, Blogs
  • C: Cooking, Cleaning, Comfort
  • D: Dinners, Dreams
  • E: Entertainment, Elegant
  • F: Fun, Favorites
  • G: Grateful for, Garden
  • H: Home improvement
  • I: Ideas
  • J: Jewelry
  • K: Knitting, Knapsack, Know, Knots
  • L: Lists, Languages
  • M: Movies, Morning routine
  • N: Notebooks, Night routine
  • O: Outfits, Organize
  • P: Pen pal letters, Pricebook
  • Q: Quotes, Quintessential
  • R: Restaurants, reading, recipes, relaxing
  • S: Stationery, Super,
  • T: Tv shows, Terrific
  • U: Useful
  • V: Victories, Vivacious, Vibrant
  • W: Wishlist, Wonder
  • X: X-Ray
  • Y: Yogurt
  • Z: Zest
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