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I've renamed the 'Sporadic Links' series to 'Bullet Journal links & more!' because that's mainly what this series is composed of. This series is meant to showcase Bullet Journalists and their blog posts that I find over the course of the month. If you're new here, I usually post these once a month with links from around the web. The majority of these links are about the Bullet Journal and I include a few other links that I found interesting enough to share in the productivity and fun categories. 

Bullet Journal

  1. I shared some Bullet Journal articles this month: my January set upblog & business Bullet Journalgratitude log#bulletjournalchallenge, and an introduction to the Bullet Journal.
  2. My blogging bestie Kara from Boho Berry shared quite a few beautiful Bullet Journal posts: her planning routinehow to organize your goals and get things donefuture planning solutions, and her blog & business Bullet Journal.
  3. My pal Jessica from Pretty Prints and Paper shared how she Bullet Journals in her fauxdori: January set upfinancial planning2016 goal settingcollections, and advice for newbies.
  4. My good friend Dee from Decade Thirty created her own planner and shared a few posts on how she is applying the Bullet Journal system in it: herehere, and here. She also shared a beautifully hand-written post on her 2015 planner review.
  5. Kacheri from Passion Themed Life has a few Bullet Journal articles to share: favorite Bullet Journal hacksplanning updatenew year, new bujo, and weekly, daily or both?
  6. Erin from Paw Stretch Knit shared a few posts on she Bullet Journals in her discbound: goals check-in #1 and #2, and her layouts.
  7. Cassie from The Brunette with a Blog shares her first week with her Bullet Journal.
  8. Nikki from Small Town Country Women shares some of the pages in her Bullet Journal.
  9. Twirling Pages shares how to start a Bullet Journal.
  10. Still one of the coolest ideas for meal planning in a Bullet Journal, shared by the ever delightful Melanie.
  11. Kristen from Dine & Dish share how she Bullet Journals.
  12. Susanna from Zealous Mom shares a look into her Bullet Journal.
  13. Mary from Me Quilter shares some neat ideas in her Bullet Journal.
  14. Ying from YSLEE shares a very beautiful and simple Bullet Journal.
  15. Carly from Stem Study shares her Bullet Journal and how she's using it for school.
  16. Dakota from Study Cyclops shares her great and simple Bullet Journal for school.
  17. Some ideas on how to do color-coding in the Bullet Journal from The College Girl Daily blog.
  18. Here are some great ideas for fitness tracking in the Bullet Journal from Swim Bike Psych blog.
  19. Kate from Raveling Out shares her beautiful and clean Bullet Journal with lovely collections.
  20. Kelly from Kelly Phillips Photo shares her great and simple Bullet Journal.
  21. Autum from Encountering Happiness made a fun infographic on Bullet Journal basics.
  22. Claire from Keeps Me Out of Mischief shares her 5 Bullet Journal inspirations, I'm flattered to be on there :).
  23. Sarah from Aldersign shares a peek into her beautifully simple Bullet Journal.
  24. Heather from Just Some Broad shares how she got into the Bullet Journal.
  25. Fiona from Modern Fortune Teller shares how she uses her Bullet Journal for Tarot and Witchcraft in her one month update.
  26. Teddi from Sarcasm and Sweet Tea shares her Bullet Journal layout in an discbound notebook.
  27. Kaitlyn from Practiced Purpose shares how she's taking on 2016 with her Bullet Journal.
  28. Here's a fun look into a Bullet Journal with tons of collections from Tinker Teacher Maker Mom.
  29. Toniell created a blog called, "Bullet Journal 101" to share her thoughts as new Bullet Journalist, she already has a few posts up!
  30. Melissa from Plaid Fuzz shares why she started a Bullet Journal and her blog Bullet Journal.
  31. Kristen from Dine and Dish shares how she found planner peace with the Bullet Journal.
  32. Ros from Blue Paper Trail is another Bullet Journalist who created a blog to showcase her Bullet Journal. She has a bunch of beautiful images and layouts to give you ideas.
  33. Kendra from the Lazy Genius Collective created a guide on getting started with the Bullet Journal.
  34. Cerries Mooney created an illustrated guide to Bullet Journaling, her photos are quite dreamy!
  35. Aaron from Coffee for the Brain shares his first 10 days with the Bullet Journal with some photos and videos.
  36. Inkycauldron shares her decorated Bullet Journal.
  37. Allycia from Hope Dream Journal share her very green January Bullet Journal set up.
  38. Allison from The King's Castle shares her Bullet Journal.
  39. Céline from Without Elephants shares her January Bullet Journal set up with some of the most adorable doodles and washi I have ever seen!
  40. If you're into GTD, Nina from Nina with Freckles shares her Bullet Journal with elements of GTD strewn about.
  41. Let's Love Local shares how to use a Bullet Journal for Travel Planning.
  42. Shweta from My Indian Version shares how to plan your goals in the Bullet Journal.
  43. Jess from A Planner by Nature shares why she chose the Bullet Journal.
  44. Alisha from the Mosaic Mom shares her 2016 Bullet Journal so far.
  45. Tanya from Mom's Small Victories shares how she applies the Bullet Journal system in her planner.
  46. Nana from Libretas y Vinetas shared her notebook she plans on using for her Bullet Journal. It's awesome seeing the reach the Bullet Journal is getting around the world!

Lastly, I could not resist sharing this amazing idea with you!

My #BookstoRead layout is coming along nicely in my #bulletjournal ! 😍

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Apologies if I didn't include your post, each month there are more and more Bullet Journal posts that I do my best to keep up and add as many as I can find throughout the month. Feel free to comment with your post so others can check it out :)


  1. A Google employee shares a great time management strategy.
  2. How to make your goals actually happen.
  3. How to stop overscheduling yourself.
  4. How to focus.
  5. How to design any life you want.
  6. How to clean your house if you're emotionally allergic to cleaning.
  7. The Epic guide to accomplishing all of your goals. 
  8. If you're looking to lose weight this year, here's an inspiring 2 year journey of weight loss.
  9. An exercise on overcoming fears by Tim Ferriss.
  10. Lissy from the Habit Project Blog shares her various experiments in time tracking.


  1. How much do you actually love stationery?
  2. For all the ladies out there, this will change your life.
  3. Fascinating insight into the purpose of small-talk.
  4. Are you bombarded by all of the inspiration out there? Here's how to organize it.
  5. A lovely reader sent me this video she made of her setting up her DIY planner with layout inspiration I shared in this weekly layout ideas article.
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