Bullet Journal Links & More! February 2016

Hello friends!

This series is meant to showcase Bullet Journalists and their blog posts that I find over the course of the month. If you're new here, I usually post these once a month with links from around the web. The majority of these links are about the Bullet Journal and I include a few other links that I found interesting enough to share in the productivity and fun categories. 

This weekend I updated the Bullet Journal Pals page which is full of Bullet Journal trivia, blogs, videos, and Instagram accounts.

Bullet Journal

  1. Ryder shared a lovely Show & Tell of his Bullet Journal.
  2. I shared my January Review & February So Far.
  3. Kara of Boho Berry shared 6 lessons she’s learned in 6 months of using the Bullet Journal, 5 Steps to Craft a Better to do list, How she plans on a daily basis, and her favorite supplies.
  4. Jessica of Pretty Prints and Paper shares her January Reflections & February Set Up and how she uses a Bullet Journal at work.
  5. Cassie over at The Brunette With a Blog shares why she doodles in her Bujo and her February set up.
  6. Deborah over at Hello Deborah is a Bujo newbie, check out how she has made it her own so far - she has some pretty awesome fonts, not that you need to add anything fancy schmancy, just a fun addition :).
  7. Eve over at Into Simple shares 4 reasons why the Bujo keeps her sane.
  8. Nicolette at Nicolette Elzie shares an awesome 1 month update of her Bujo.
  9. It's always fun seeing the supplies others use, even though it's not as important as actually diving in and getting started. Heather over at Just Some Broad shares her Bullet Journal supplies.
  10. Aaron chronicled a few videos of his Bujo: preparing for 2016, his first 10 days, and January Reflection and February Goals. He's over at Coffee for the Brain.
  11. Some planners have taken some Bullet Journal concepts and stuck them into their planning systems, here's how Melanie has incorporated a bit of Bullet Journaling into her Filofax.
  12. Plaidfuzz shares her Bullet Journal update.
  13. If you've been wanting to learn how to incorporate doodles into your Bujo, Nathalie over at Press Print Party shares a few step-by-step tutorials on how to do just that!
  14. Dani over at Just Because Studio shares some clever collection ideas.
  15. Ruby over at Just Wonder Style shares her February set up.
  16. Susanna over at Zealous Mom shares what she thinks are Do's and Don't of the Bujo.
  17. Jennifer of Productive and Pretty shares a clever handwriting hack for the Bullet Journal.
  18. Laura of How to GYST shares her monthly review process.
  19. Céline from Without Elephants shares a few study-related spreads in her Bullet Journal.
  20. Jamie of Paper Heart Project shares a lot of creative collections.
  21. Allycia of Hope Dream Journal shares why she switched over to a dori.
  22. Lyssy of The Habit Project shares a look into her Bullet Journal.
  23. Jennifer of Moving Insider shares some fun collections for when you’re moving homes.
  24. Sarah of Sarah’s Chapter shares her beautiful Bullet Journal with a ton of eye candy.
  25. Lori of Welcome to the LuckyHouse is taking her first step into Bullet Journaling!
  26. Alisha of The SkillfulDaughter shares her first weekend with her Bullet Journal.
  27. Tsh of The Art of Simple shares her minimalistic Bullet Journal.
  28. Sly Twin Tiger shares how they’re using their Bullet Journal in a spartan way.
  29. Christopher of Christopher Chelpka asks whether you can replace your iPhone with the Bullet Journal, read on to find out what he thinks.
  30. Jenn of Hello Brio wrote a great Bullet Journal resource article and some fun illustrations to walk you through how to start a Bullet Journal.
  31. Life Goals Mag shares 25+ Tips for the Bullet Journal.
  32. Charlotte of Wonderfully Bookish shares her minimal Bullet Journal. She has such a lovely minimalistic style and clever ways to create collections.
  33. Ohayobento shares their daily radar chart and an accompanying video.

Apologies if I didn't include your post, each month there are more and more Bullet Journal posts that I do my best to keep up with and add as many as I can find throughout the month. Feel free to comment with your post so others can check it out :)


  1. An interesting article about the Psychology behind to do lists.
  2. Want to be more productive? Don’t go paperless.
  3. Harper of Harper Honey has a tremendous amount of things to keep track of and she shares thoroughly what she uses and how to manage her work.
  4. Motivating post on Reddit.


1. Katherine of The Next Chapters of My Life shares her Book Review Journal  with principles from the Bullet Journal.

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