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Welcome to the complete archive of Bullet Journal articles I've written!

First, please go to bulletjournal.com, if you haven't already, to get a video walk-through of the Bullet Journal system by none other than the wonderful creator of the Bullet Journal himself, Ryder Carroll. I'll wait here :)

Got the proper introduction? Awesome, now we can begin.

Here's the list of the articles I've written about the Bullet Journal with tons of tips, insights and advice on how to make it your own.

Guest Posts & #BulletJournalChallenge

Show & Tell
Handwriting #BulletJournalChallenge
Collections #BulletJournalChallenge
Reflection #BulletJournalChallenge
Recentering #BulletJournalChallenge
Focus #BulletJournalChallenge


Introduction to the Bullet Journal
12 Things I learned in my first year of using the Bullet Journal
Different kinds of Threading



Maximize index space
Add stylistic headers to your Bullet Journal
Categorize tasks by context
Review your day
Expedite migration
Organize your time


Gratitude Log
Waiting On
Monthly & Daily
Weekly layouts


Logging only done tasks

Set ups

Feel free to email me with any topic requests at hitinyrayofsunshine(at)gmail(dot)com, thank you!




24: #PlanWithMeChallenge March
23: Bullet Journal Links (& more!) February 2016
18: How to Improve your Everyday Handwriting (+ Free Handwriting Printables!)
12: January Review & February So Far in my Bullet Journal 


29: Introducing: #RockYourHandwriting Challenge
28: February #PlanWithMeChallenge
26: Bullet Journal Links (& more!) January 2016
21: Introduction to the Bullet Journal
12: #BulletJournalChallenge: Focus
8: How I Handle Recurring Tasks & Events
5: Bullet Journal Idea: Gratitude Log
3: Bullet Journal for Blogging & Business
1: January 2016 Bullet Journal Set Up



31: 2015 Bullet Journal Recentering
28: #PlanWithMeChallenge
16: Sporadic links #4
15: Different kinds of Threading in the Bullet Journal
13: My Number One Bullet Journal Tip
13: Bullet Journal Idea: Waiting On
10: Bullet Journal Gift Guide!
8: Happy Birthday Tiny Ray of Sunshine! Celebrating 1 Year of Blogging!
1: #BulletJournalChallenge: Recentering
1: Productivity tips!


27: #PlanWithMeChallenge
24: Sporadic links #3
23: Leuchtturm1917 Giveaway Winner!
16: Bullet Journal Pals
11: Bullet Journal Set Up: November 2015
9: Leuchtturm1917 Giveaway
9: Leuchtturm1917 Review
3: NaNoWriMo Resources
1: #BulletJournalChallenge: Reflection


31: #PlanWithMeChallenge
22: Sporadic links #2


30: #BulletJournalChallenge: Collections
29: #PlanWithMeChallenge
25: Tiny Tip: Maximize Index Space
24: Sporadic links #1
14: Add stylistic headers to your Bullet Journal
13: 12 things I learned in my first year of using the Bullet Journal
1 : #BulletJournalChallenge: Handwriting
1 : #PlanWithMeChallenge


17 : DIY sticky note shapes


29 : #BulletJournalChallenge
27 : #PlanWithMeAugust
26 : How to set up your most successful week yet
23 : On Simplifying


30 : #BulletJournalChallenge
24 : Creative calligraphy challenge


31 : #BulletJournalChallenge
17 : Bullet Journal Idea: Weekly layouts


29 : #BulletJournalChallenge
29 : Leuchtturm 1917 giveaway


27 : #BulletJournalChallenge
10 : An experiment in logging only done tasks in the Bullet Journal
10 : Tiny Tip: Printer paper caddy


28 : Bullet Journal Idea: Monthly & Daily
25 : #BulletJournalChallenge
3 :  Tiny Tip: How to drink more water


31 : Pen Options for the Bullet Journal
7 : Tiny Tip: Categorize your tasks by context
5 : Notebook Options for the Bullet Journal



30 : Tiny Tip: Review your day
23 : Tiny Tip Organize your time with the Bullet Journal
16 : Tiny Tip: Take a breath and relax
9 : Tiny Tip: How to remember what kind of ink your printer takes
2 : Tiny Tip: Expedite migration in the Bullet Journal


14 : Daily docket insert planner for pocket-sized fauxdori


31 : Organize your holiday gift ideas with Pinterest, Trello, IFTTT


10 : Starting fresh


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Hello there! To make it easier to find what you're looking for, I built this page to help you out!

This page currently includes: Bullet Journal supplies, Calligraphy supplies, and Best Beginner Fountain Pens.

I will also be adding: Watercolor supplies, Pen Pal Letter supplies, and possibly more!

Bullet Journal Supplies


Official Bullet Journal Leuchtturm1917 (Medium, Dot grid)

+ Leuchtturm1917 (Medium, Dot grid) (Amazon // Goulet Pens)


Fountain pens
+ Classic Mini TWSBI (Fine nib) (Amazon // Goulet Pens) | Currently inked with Faber-Castell Stone Grey (Amazon // Goulet Pens)

+ Silver and Gold Cross Bailey (Medium nib) | Currently inked with Waterman Inspired Blue (Amazon // Goulet Pens)

+ Yellow Pilot Vanishing Point (Fine nib) (Amazon // Goulet Pens)  | Currently inked with Pilot Blue (Amazon // Goulet Pens)

+ White Tiger Pilot Metropolitan (Fine nib) These are EXCELLENT and INEXPENSIVE beginner fountain pens! (Amazon // Goulet Pens // Jet Pens)  | Currently inked with Faber-Castell Stone Grey (Amazon // Goulet Pens)

+ Blue Pilot Plumix (1.0mm stub nib) | Currently inked with Diamine Blaze Orange (Amazon // Goulet Pens)

Brush pens
+ Pentel Sign Pen Brush Tip
+ Zebra Sign Pen Brush Tip
+ Tombow Brush Pens (Primary colors) - not pictured

Regular pens (gel)
+ Pilot G-Tec C4
+ Pentel Hybrid Technica 04

Colorful pens
+ Staedtler Triplus Fineliners
+ Pentel Slicci

+ Post it Clear Tabs
+ Tombow correction tape
+ Westcott mini ruler (6 in.) - not pictured

+ BulletJournal.com
+ Bullet Journal video
+ Introduction to the Bullet Journal

Calligraphy Supplies

Pen holders
+ Tachikawa Straight Pen Holder with grip (Amazon // Jet Pens)
+ Speedball Straight Pen Holder (Amazon // Jet Pens)
+ Speedball Oblique Pen Holder (Amazon // Jet Pens)

+ Nikko G (Amazon // Jet Pens)

+ Sumi ink (Amazon // Jet Pens)

+ Rhodia dotpad (Amazon // Jet Pens)

Toothbrush to remove oil from the nibs before using for the first time.
+ Needle-nose pliers to insert and remove the nibs, you don't want to touch the nibs with your hands because the oils from your fingers messes with the ink clinging to the nibs.
+ Cup for water. It's good practice to rinse off your nib every so often so the ink doesn't gunk up.
+ Ink well for ink to dip your pen easily. Amazon
+ Rag. An old cotton shirt, table napkin, or paper towel to dry off your nib

+ This video series
+ Creative Calligraphy Challenge
+ The Postman's Knock: The Beginner's Guide to Modern Calligraphy

Best Beginner Fountain Pens

+ Pilot Varsity - Ready to use out of the package, fun colors. Disposable. They were what got me into fountain pens. :) (Amazon)

+ Platinum Preppy - Refillable with Platinum cartridges, can convert into an eyedropper. (Amazon // Goulet Pens)

+ Pilot Metropolitan - Great first 'real' fountain pen. Fun colors, great writing experience. (Amazon // Goulet Pens)

This post contains affiliate links which means that if you click on a link and purchase an item through Amazon, I will make a small commission at NO extra cost to you. Thank you for helping support Tiny Ray of Sunshine! :)


Bullet Journal Gear.

These are the tools I use for Bullet Journaling.


- Leuchtturm1917 dot grid A5/medium {GouletPens // Amazon // Bullet Journal}

(Stack of LT1917 notebooks that I've used and are currently in use. Right: LT1917 notebooks waiting to be used.)
Check out a review I wrote of these notebooks here. I love these because they have great paper, index, and page numbers built-in, making it a breeze to get started with the Bullet Journal. The official one has these features as well as extra built-in perks such as three ribbon bookmarks, a future log, and mini Bullet Journal reference guide.


I like to keep my Bullet Journal simple with black ink and touches of color here and there.


- Sticky Notes (2x2, 3x3, 1.5x2, booklet

The tabs are great to place on pages I frequent regularly, I usually cut them down to size. The ruler is awesome for drawing layouts and I can tuck it in the back pocket of my notebook. Sticky notes are always useful to write down a future task, note, or to sketch out an idea.