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Free Bullet Journal® Starter Guide

I lovingly hand-drew this one page guide that covers all the basics of the Bullet Journal along with key tips I've learned along the way over the course of 2+ years of Bullet Journaling. It's available in over a dozen languages. 

Go download it on the official Bullet Journal website! :) 


Introduction to the Bullet Journal®

Hello and welcome to the awesome Bullet Journal world! First order of business is to go over to to watch the video and read up on everything Bullet Journal related. The Bullet Journal was invented by talented Digital Product Designer, Ryder Carroll. He writes wonderful content over on the Bullet Journal website to motivate, encourage, and keep you inspired with your Bullet Journal. 

I feel honored to be a regular contributor to the Bullet Journal blog, The Bullet Journalist, where I share ideas on how to get more out of your Bullet Journal. 

This website is where I share more ideas related to the Bullet Journal - the archive of which is below :) Welcome and enjoy!

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